Oh no! I’ve incremented myself again!

I blog in honor of my 42nd birthday today–as good an excuse as any.

I meant to restart the blog with the new year after months (years?) of silence; deleting spam on my old blog with my old provider became a full-time job that didn’t pay the bills. A new provider and a fresh install of WordPress should take care of that!

I held off since the big news I wanted to deliver with that first post, that I’d finally moved into my new home, didn’t happen. After weeks of rushing the contractors to finish the renovations by my birthday, I still have to report no joy.

So no more waiting of birthdays, move-ins, or arbirtrary calendar dates! With this post, my blog is back in business. Stay tuned for more to come about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness from the war zone that is my home.

The best way to stay tuned is bookmarking my RSS feed. RSS, it’s a Good Thing(tm).

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