Bad Friday Getting Better

Ok, so Good Friday hasn’t gone all bad. I’ve tweaked the blog’s organization and turned on “post by email”. Now blogging is as easy and portable as tweeting from my Pearl. An email post like this one also will add features like spell check when using a fat client. (Note to self: Look for a spell-check plugin for WordPress.)

Why tweet when blogging is so easy? If anybody I knew used twitter (hint, hint), I would probably want to see tweets when I’m out and about or considering it, on my phone or when I’m logged into AIM, so I can drop by if I happen to be in the area. Reading blog posts is something that requires sitting in a nice chair in front of a big monitor with a nice cup of tea or bottle of beer. It’s the push/post equivalent of the the distinction between messaging and email.

That reminds me about recent usage studies that show younger people dropping email almost completely for instant messaging. Maybe this is a result of mobile phones being tolerable for messaging but not for email–except my Blackberry Pearl of course. (Sorry, needed to test embedding links.) Maybe we’re raising a generation of the pathologically ADD that can’t handle more than a sentence or two at a time. My money’s on the latter which is why we need sentient robots to work our life support systems in forty years.

“Sonny, please don’t play pong with the sliders on my artificial organ preferences.”

UPDATE: So far the only problem with posting by email is WordPress preserves linefeeds–which I just cleaned up in this post. I wonder if it’s the email or if WordPress is doing wrapping. Embedded links exacerbate the problem since they’re wrapped based on the anchor markup in the mail message; that markup doesn’t show up in the blog and creates a much shorter looking line. Maybe this is the time to get off of ascii and move to html mail messages so they format correctly as posts.

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