Recovering from The Bug

There’s a bug going around, and it checked into my sinuses on Zombie Jesus Day. What jet-setting rhinovirus could pass up the spacious accomodations evident in my dental x-rays? Not this one. The replicatory festivities are winding down after a three day/four night stay. I hope that I can stop clinging to my box of Kleenex tomorrow–just in time for my three-day eleven-film weekend.

4 thoughts on “Recovering from The Bug”

  1. ZOMBIE JESUS DAY!!!! I thought it was Mutant Lapinoid day…

    Welcome to my sinus infection. Feel better soon.

  2. Did you know Cartoon Network censors “Jesus” whenever Farnsworth says ” Zombie Jesus!” on FUTURAMA during Adult Swim?

    We can see Brock Samsom kill 100 ninjas, and we can see Molotov Cocktease’s pendulous cleavage, but the word “Jesus” gets restricted during “adult hours”???


  3. Yep. I didn’t realize It Came From Futurama until watching the fishing episode a few days ago, when the professor says “Sweet Zombie {silence}”. I instantly knew what he meant because The Philly Zombie Crawl entered my core memory a few weeks ago via the Weekly. Welcome to the Empire of Ted I suppose.

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