Yoko Ono

My Macbook is my Yoko Ono. I love it and it loves me, but it’s coming between me and my once-happy band of electronic devices.

The latest victim of my Macbook’s jealousy is my PDA, a new big-screened, faster, featureful Palm TX. I’ve been a palm fan from the beginning, but the last few years have been tough since it never syncs perfectly with my Macbook. When something new comes into the mix like switching to Entourage or the latest addition to the band, I’m plagued by missing tasks, random recategorization, and address card horror show mash-ups right out of the remake of The Fly.

For now I’ve put my TX away and turned on full synchronization with my Pearl. Its tasks/calendar/addresses schemas are simpler and more compatible with Apple’s applications. Missing Sync also seems to be more in tune with the Pearl than it was with the Palm. I already miss the bigger display, the custom applications, Vindigo maps, but I’ll learn to live with it to get pain-free synchronization and better gadget harmony. Let’s hope my Macbook’s in the mood to give peace a chance.

2 thoughts on “Yoko Ono”

  1. Apple just needs to make a PDA in my opinion. The problems I have with my Palm (admittably a low grade model) and my Powerbook? Feh.

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