Blade Runner: The Final Cut in New York

Blade Runner is back with another edit. Ridley Scott’s going way beyond remastering for high definition by reshooting footage to fix problems normal editing and digitial wizardy couldn’t handle. I just hope he doesn’t pull a Spielberg or Lucas by politically correcting as well as lavishly recrafting his twenty-five year old magum opus. The latest–I hesitate to say last–version comes out on DVD later this year.

Best of all it’s being shown in limited theatrical release again! It’s running at midtown Manhattan’s Clearview Ziegfeld through 18 October 2007. I missed the original theatrical release and was so happy when the Director’s Cut came to the Ritz Theater here in Philly. Now I get to combine my favorite movie of all time with another favorite thing, Manhattan.

By the way A., Deckard is still a replicant in this version. Bwah-hahahahahaha!

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