Off The Radar

I disappeared off the radar two weeks ago, piling up unreturned emails and phone calls. My plan is to work through that backlog today with email and blogging. I won’t being using the phone since my usual dislike has blossomed into complete revulsion. Whatever’s going on in my head, I just cannot stand being disturbed, interrupted, or solicited.

Part of the time has been cybernation; I played through Knights of the Old Republic twice, once light side and once dark side, after having put it down a few years ago. The Mac version ran terribly on my laptop, so going back to work in Manhattan meant abandoning the game. This is Bioware’s crown jewel, one among many. Time will tell if Electronic Arts will plunder the Bioware vault having paid for the keys to the castle [kotaku, Bioware (PDF)].

I haven’t been a complete shut-in (I’ll blog about some of my excursions later), but it’s getting harder and harder to get out of the house during daylight. Setting my alarm for 09:00 hasn’t helped because it seems like the earlier I wake up, the later I get outside! I don’t think I could sate my appetite for podcasts, RSS feeds, software projects, or things to hack in months of isolation, and I can’t even stick to a policy of shower and breakfast before computer. The computer snags me on my way out the door–even just to the kitchen or bathroom. Today at least I stuck to the plan, and hopefully I’ll do more than just pop up onto the radar briefly in the coming weeks.

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