Making Blogging Easier from Anywhere

As much as I adore my Blackberry Pearl, it doesn’t do a good job with
my WordPress dashboard given its limited screen real estate. The
logical alternative for in-field posting is email, but something needs
to trigger the WordPress page that does the processing. There are a
bunch of ways, and they recommend hacking the blog footer as the
easiest way.

A better way for an old UNIX hacker like me is a shell command in a
cron job. So it’s back a trusty old UNIX feature to kick my blog in
the anatomy every now and then. The testing is the hardest part, so I
set the job, using “GET -d”, to run every fifteen minutes. That’s
probably too often. Really, how often am I more than 10 feet from a
computer with an internet connection?

Five minutes to the next run, so please cross all appropriate
appendages one more time!

From My MacBook

2 thoughts on “Making Blogging Easier from Anywhere”

  1. Woohoo! It worked–more or less. Looks like email from both Blackberry and Desktop get unsightly line breaks. I’ll try sending a rich text email to my other blog once I’ve got it configured; hopefully that’ll get around the formatting problem. Hmmm, I don’t know if the Pearl does rich text email.

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