The Domestic Goddess Intervenes

The failed state of my renovations has tainted the time Between with anger and disappointment. It’s been hard to get domestic looking at faceless drawers, defective wiring, splatter marks. However, an intercession by the Domestic Goddess helped me turn the corner last Friday. Watching Nigella Express inspired me to order the book, go grocery shopping, and get back into my incomplete but fully functional kitchen. I even cleaned the bathroom today, really cleaned it. The horror, the horror…

This weekend I’m planning my first pilgrimage to the holy site known as The Container Store in Cherry Hill. I’ve been afraid to just go there and browse; the Chelsea store would hypnotize me for hours. All those pretty things containing other things is a major OCD trigger, but there’s a nook in the bathroom crying out for some Elfa shelving. I’m hoping a specific project will keep me focused enough to get in and out without somebody needing to call Missing Persons. If not, just bury me in a really big “Contain Yourself” bag and I’ll rest in peace.

Scene of Redemption:
My God, it’s full of Storage! And counter space! And even food!!!

Scene of Redemption

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