Deadly Creatures

Gila Monsters Oh God! Popsucker turned me on to the upcoming game Deadly Creatures. It looks like a WWF version of the nature programs where a bug eats a bug, then a mouse eats a bug, then a snake eats a mouse, etcetera. One screen shot has a gila monster sneaking up on a scorpion. I hope the article is wrong about only getting to play as a tarantula or a scorpion; those who know me, you know I’m going to have to buy a WII just to play as a gila monster! A GILA MONSTER!

Actually, I’d also love to play Okami with the Wiimote if done right. My big problem with consoles, even my trusty PS2, is the typical controller makes for a horrible user experience. It’s unintuitive (A/B/C/D or x/triangle/square/circle? WTF?) and completely disconnected from what you’re doing in the game. That’s what makes the Wii (and the iPod Touch) significant from an interaction design perspective; they improve the user experience by creating an interface where the virtual system mimicks real-world action.

The big hurdle for true virtual reality gaming is feedback. Swinging a device to swing your sword is one thing, but having your swing interrupted by the satisfying thud of steel cutting into orc flesh is another. I’ll admit that I found the vibrating PS2 controller added to play even though I thought it was a silly idea at first. It’s primitive for sure, like Pong’s beeps and blips, and probably a dead end. My money’s on direct neural interface to solve the virtual reality problem in my lifetime. Yes, I would drop a wire into my brain. I might not be the first, especially if it’s an Apple iBrain 1.0, but I’ll definitely do it.

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