Same Sex Parenting on 30 Days

Morgan Spurlock’s 30 Days usually has a happy ending.  Not so with last week’s.

Episodes often take people with strong feelings about a topic and put them in the other side’s shoes for 30 days.  In this episode (available in full on Hulu) a woman opposed to gay adoption lives with a two-dads family for a month.

Usually the fish-out-of-water ends the 30 days changed.  This woman, the mother of two adopted children herself, still holds by the end of her 30 days that gays should not be allowed to adopt children in spite of all the positive things she admits to seeing.  She holds her ground in spite of facts and other perspectives because of her religious beliefs.  She still wants laws passed against gay adoption, laws that would break up the happy family she just visited.

The lesson here was for the gay parents; no amount of evidence will sway True Believers from trying to legislate their morality on others.  They thought that bringing a person into a happy home and caring community would change her mind, and they were wrong.  You can’t argue with these people, so don’t.  Don’t lose sleep over trying to see their points of view; they won’t return the courtesy.  Be prepared to fight fire with fire.

The Political Mind:  Why You Can’t Understand 21st-Century Politics with an 18th-Century Mind

A recent FLP Author Event podcast featuring George Lakoff ties into this perfectly.  He’s a cognitive science pioneer who describes in his latest book (and podcast) how social and political behavior is a product of how our brains work.  Lakoff identifies the same fundamental flaw in Progressive politics and those gay parents, this idea that presenting the facts can change anybody’s mind.

I hate to even bring Lakoff up on the eve of Independence Day since his central assertion is that American political thought as a product of the Age of Enlightenment is based on faulty premises like informed self interest, reason, and the common good.  He argues that emotion is more important than reason in politics, that it’s rooted in physiology, and that Progressives have to cast off the ideals of Reason to effectively compete with the Conservatives.

It’s a sad thing to spend the nation’s birthday in the Cradle of Liberty knowing how many will really be celebrating their independence from Reason.

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