My PIGLFF 14 Schedule

It’s here!

I’ve been a little behind schedule on picking my films up because my new client is in Rockville, MD.  I am home for the duration of the festival though and hope to see all of you at films and out-and-about the town.  You can find my schedule on the festival website:

The festival is no longer using B-Side, so you won’t be able to hit the URL to see reviews of films and such.  It’s now an in-house project and they’re working on reviews, social media, and much more for next year.  For my reviews, you can follow me on Twitter:

I will try to tweet after every film.  The 140-character limit does make for more concise reviews, so it’s not all bad.  I will also tweet about where I am around town and doing things, so if you’re also a twitter-head, feel free to drop by if you see I’m in the neighborhood.

Happy festing!

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