Rachel Getting Married

FAIR (TiVo it.)

This potentially good film bogs down with themes gone overboard. Hathaway gives a strong performance as does Winger in her too-few scenes. Neither can save the film from its weaknesses.

Shaky cam does not make films automatically seem more real. While not the nausea-inducing level of Cloverfield, it’s enough to distract during the film’s many slower moments. I don’t go to a theater and pay real money for that home movie feeling.

The film spends far too much time dwelling on the multicultural and musical. This works early in the film with musicians practicing before the wedding and providing an organic soundtrack. Then we spend five (ten?) unending minutes at the reception with no dialog and far too musical spotlighting. Somebody was too attached to his concept at the expense of making a good movie. “The Visitor” is a much better example of weaving music into plot.

Typical of a fair film, my mind wandered frequently. The most likeable character turned out to be a dead six year old that never gets any screen time. Other than a few good snippets of dialog, this film is totally forgettable.

My guess is that serious subjects like death and addiction, multiculturalism and interracial marriage guilted people into higher-than-deserved ratings. Don’t pay money to see “Rachel Getting Married”. Go rent “The Visitor” instead.

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