Daddy Has Needs

C. and I were walking up 13th Street to have lunch at the Marathon Grill next to Borders.  Goldman Properties has been redeveloping the area for years as part of the not-so-quaintly-named Midtown Village.  It’s been a slow process since the originally dilapidated area was home to some seedy businesses that proved impossible to evict.  I noticed construction on a years-vacant empty lot next to one of those seedy businesses a few months ago.  Who would open a store next to one of those seedy businesses?

On the right is Sansom Cinema, the notorious gay “adult” book store with its new, dressed-up door; on the left is Genes, the new baby store.  Talk about juxtaposing innocence and experience!  Maybe Daddy has needs that Mommy just can’t meet.  Not seen here, just past Sansom Cinema, is a pet store called Doggy Style.  Really, could I make this up?

Genes on the left, Sansom Cinema to the right
Genes on the Left, Sansom Cinema on the Right

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