Follow Jesus Like Nazis Followed Hitler, says Rick Warren

Bruce Wilson’s article in The Huffington Post goes into some truly unsavory facts about Rick Warren.  It’s not even a year since the Wright and Hagy scandals, but here we are again:

Bruce Wilson: Follow Jesus Like Nazis Followed Hitler, Rick Warren Tells Stadium Crowd


What’s lost on Warren’s followers is how fanatical devotion and blind faith in authority, secular or religious, is what lets good people do bad things [The Milgram Experiment & The Stanford Prison Experiment].  It’s not lost on Warren though.

Which is worse:  Asking God to damn America?  Supporting Israel as a stepping stone to fulfilling Apocolyptic prophecy? Modeling your mega-church cult after Hitler, Lenin, and Mao?  We rightfully denounce Islamic fundamentalism but don’t mind a little of our own homestyle hate mongering.

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