Portland Group to Rally in Support of Mayor Sam Adams – Towleroad

Portland Group to Rally in Support of Mayor Sam Adams – Towleroad

Adams & Breedlove
From Towleroad.com

Which of the following points is at the heart of the controversy around Portland’s mayor?

  • Adams lied when questioned about it.
  • Adams asked Breedlove to lie.
  • Breedlove was an intern at the time.
  • Breedlove is a much younger legal adult.

My guess is it’s the last one.  Society has its opinions on older-man/younger-woman and older-woman/younger-man, but here we have the 21st century equivalent of the previous century’s most common ignorant question, “Which one of you is the woman in the relationship?”  If Breedlove truly was legal at the time, this shouldn’t be an issue and shouldn’t bring down Adams’s career. We’ll know in the next few days if he’s stepping down.

Gay culture is pathologically youth-obsessed, and doesn’t have the same reproductive viability issues as straight couples.  The mores around age difference are very different; I personally have dated men 15 years my senior and 15 years my junior.  It wasn’t all chickenhawks preying on the weak and defenseless: Try saying no to a persistent, handsome, younger man like Beau Breedlove–that’s a Bond Girl name if I’ve ever heard one BTW.

Greater visibility for gays, critical for winning equal civil rights, will continue to be a bumpy road as these cultural differences surface.  Fasten your seat belts …

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