My Cinefest 2009 Schedule

Spring is finally here, and so is Philadelphia’s international film festival.  It’s on the short list of things Philadelphia does better than anybody else.  Yes, I’m looking at you, NYC.

This year the Philadelphia Film Festival has morphed into Cinefest 2009.  Unfortunately the website still hasn’t grown features we had when BSide hosted it, like audience reviews.  The silver lining here is that the Twitter limit of 140 characters has slimmed down my reviews from War & Peace wordiness to haiku minimalism; follow me on Twitter for updates, reviews, and general festival ramblings, and please tag with #pcf09 if you tweet about the festival.  I promise not to actually write reviews in haiku.  Well, maybe only for Japanese films.

My Cinefest 2009 Schedule

Cinefest 2009 Official Website

Scheduling 34 films is real work!  Other festival fanatics all have their own elaborate, ritualistic scheduling methods.  I’d really like to see the official website grow scheduling tools.  Until then we’d all love a link to the schedule as an Excel spreadsheet, CSV file, or (for me) XML. This year I won’t be able to see four films due to such conflicts or venue issues.

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