Prometheus — It’s Inevitable

I can’t remember the last time I couldn’t wait for a movie to come out.  However.  Ridley Scott’s return to the darkly believable future with Prometheus has me barely able to contain myself.  Until June 8th? Seventy-four more days? REALLY? Ugh.

I am starved for hard-core science fiction, and the latest trailer is pushing all my Alien and Bladerunner buttons. It looks like the trailer’s showing the whole story, from discovering the map to crashing the Space Jockey ship to protect Earth.  I have a feeling–hope really–that all of that is just the first act.  Ridley Scott is one of the few people in film I’ll give the benefit of the doubt on making something so ambitious and dense. My only reservation is that it’s been infected with that plague on modern cinema, 3D. Blech. I don’t go to 3D movies. Ever. But, I’d make an exception for Prometheus if there are no quality 2D showings.

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