Yards Brawler

I’ll drink to that!

Yards Brawler
My favorite session beer at the moment. Maybe somebody will unseat it this Beer Week?

I swore an oath to take no drink until a certain milestone was met.  That milestone was met last week, and this week I intend to enjoy given the start of one of my two favorite events in Philadelphia.  Here’s a handful of things I’ll be raising glasses to this weekend:

I went back to work in April; it’s a three-month project with an impossible deadline.  My weeks are almost entirely dedicated to work, and some days have been “wake up, start working, go to bed” with some room for the hygienic and the biological. Honestly, I’ve never worked so hard in my life.

I’m writing code.  Working itself is wonderful because of the getting paid part, but my primary function is writing code.  I love doing the senior stuff, the design and architecture, but there’s a pleasure I get from coding like nothing else.  It’s a creative, dramatic process that lets me feel accomplishment and have a final, (somewhat) tangible result to my labor.  It’s the agony of a failed compile and the ecstasy of a running program!

Yesterday was the start of Philly Beer Week.  Because of the job, this will be a low participation year.  It was touch and go because of the oath, but when official word came down last Friday, I immediately opened a Yards Brawler I’d had on hand for that special moment.

My friends Wayne and Sonia got married last week.

Prometheus next week.  *Squeal!*

There’s less of me now than at the beginning of the year thanks to some dietary changes and increased activity.  The turbo-boost has been me walking more to burn off some of the tension that work’s generating.

I’ve gotten to Isengard in my latest reading of The Lord of the Rings and to Moria in Lord of the Rings Online.  The “Snow White and the Huntsman Dubbed” on The Morning After included a Gollum impersonation that had my cry out in gleeful geeky shock, fall off my chair, and replay it several times.

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