QFest 2012 has begun!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year again–or maybe most fabulous would be more accurate.  I haven’t had any time to prepare this year due to spending the last three months in project Hell, so watch my Twitter feed to see the movies I plan to see and my seen-it pick as well as my tweet-reviews.  Here are some links to follow:

QFest 2012 Official Website

My Twitter Feed: @thecorefiles

#QFest hashtag search on Twitter

A few quick notes, fest and otherwise:

  • I did see Prometheus a few weeks back and was extremely disappointed. 2/5.  I will rant about it sometime soon, I’m sure.
  • The festival trailer this year is good.  It’s not animated-sketchpad-hotness good like that one year, but there are no Fallopian Tubes or people spinning in place to throbbing music.
  • TD Bank, a new festival sponsor showed a great “It Gets Better” short film that their employees created–including the CEO–called “Make It Better” and addressing the issue by urging us all to get out there and be allies.  I’m not a huge fan of banks (credit unions for me), but I have to give them credit for being so visible at the top management level on this issue.

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