These boots were made for kicking: Texas Leads Secession Requests

The tea-partiers think their boots were made for walking; to them I say THESE boots were made for KICKING.  To those saying “love it or leave it” while in power, it’s time to practice what you preach when you’re not.

Give Texas the boot!

Talk of secession is back in the news with a Texas secession petition on crossing the threshold for White House review [Joe. My. God.: Texas Leads Secession Requests]. An interesting point from the article is that it’s not necessary to be from Texas to sign the petition. His point was that tea partiers from across the country may be signing the Texas partition to drive up the numbers.  I have a slightly different take on this.

Let’s give Texas the boot!

I’m tempted to sign it, too. This is the place where gay panic is a legitimate defense for killing an LGBT person, execution in spite of contrary evidence is cheered, planned parenthood is already defunded, science and history and sex education are systematical censored in text books that will be used by the whole country, etc. Dropping these electoral nincompoops will make electing people interested in good governance at the federal level easier. All that gulf coastline is going to be a financial disaster we can avoid as the increasing natural disasters they’ll suffer from climate change won’t be FEMA’s responsibility and on the federal tab.

We can build a fence around Texas and hire more border patrol officers. Kick Texas rednecks in the United States illegally back to their sorry side of the border. When they start enacting the bat-shit-crazy laws you know they’ll have, we put Iran-style sanctions on them. I’d even subsidize moving the wingnuts from around the rest of these new United States of America (now with less hate and stupidity) to Texas so this nonsense can be once and done.  It might be expensive, but that’s what I’d call “good debt”.

And by the way Texas, you’re going to foot the bill to remove all federal facilities from your side of the border. There’s no way we’re leaving the bat-shit crazies with our Federal military hardware–especially nukes.  The Christianist Fundamanetalist Taliban they’d install would probably try to usher in the rapture by starting a nuclear war.  No thanks.

Texas secede? I say good riddance!

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