My QFest 2013 Schedule and Reviews

QFest 2013It didn’t precisely sneak up on me, but I was (again) a little unprepared for the start of this year’s QFest, also known as the 19th Philadelphia International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (PIGLFF).  So, better late than never …

My QFest 2013 Page

Like previous years, my plan is to tweet-review each film as soon as possible after seeing it.  I’ll move the reviews and update my schedule on the page on a (hopefully) daily basis. I’m also tweeting my day’s schedule before leaving the house, and that tweet will also include a pick of films playing that day that I’ve already seen and can recommend.

Although my tweets are cross-posted to Facebook, I don’t really go to Facebook very much so please use email or Twitter or my blog for festival-related things.

Hope to see you at the festival!

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