Drones Over Philly

Although I have mixed feelings about unmanned aerial vehicles as weapons or hobbies, some of the footage they produce is amazing. Here are three from the Philly area:

The first buzzes around 30th Street Station area and Center City. I particularly like the footage of the Tholian Embassy Cira Centre and the new nearby Tholian Annex Evo at Cira Center South. From the footage, I discovered the latter has a great roof deck facing west including an infinity pool.

Then there’s this footage of the Delaware Station Power Plant, an eerie abandoned industrial site north of the city that I’ve seen from afar many times. I would totally put my evil lair here if I were to go the super-villian route; those smoke-stacks would make great ICBM launchers, and I can make a classy speed-boat escape if my lair is discovered.

Finally, the Art Museum in snow is perhaps too short and misses a chance to buzz the Waterworks and boathouse row. But … because SNOW!

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