My Open Letter to @SenToomey: Oppose Puzder even having a hearing.


Senator Toomey:

I oppose Andrew Puzder for Secretary of Labor, and I strongly urge you to oppose Puzder even having a Senate hearing. He is a scandal-laden candidate who opposes the core mission of the agency he would lead, and he should never even appear before the Senate.

It is clear that the Trump administration did not vet this nominee, and scandals about employing an illegal immigrant have immediately ended consideration of more qualified candidates in the past.

To give this person a hearing, let alone confirming him, will confirm the public’s opinion that Republicans apply a different set of rules to themselves by hiring illegals personally while bashing them publicly. You must oppose this blatant display of such hypocrisy if you and your party want to maintain a shred of credibility.

Puzder is also uniquely unqualified to run an agency whose primary duty is to protect the rights and safety of workers. It’s another fox being set to guard the chicken coop. I support raising the minimum wage and paid sick leave, neither of which benefit me and he opposes, because it’s the right thing to do. Puzder’s business record, particularly of cheating workers out of their wages, should be an immediate disqualification for this post.

Again, I strongly urge you to oppose even given this unqualified and unvetted nominee a hearing. Urge the Trump administration to find a vetted, moderate nominee that both you and I can support.

I look forward to an email or letter explaining your position at your earliest convenience.

A Concerned Constituent

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