J.J. Abrams is a talentless, derivative hack.

Movies are getting worse, and nothing typifies that more than anything J.J. Abrams touches. Unlike M. Night Shyamalan who had his one-and-only well-executed idea back in 1999 with The Sixth Sense, Abrams has released one turdfest after another, each one turdier than that last. And yes, that includes The Force Awakens.

D.A. posted an angry rant from Cracked on Facebook that enumerates five reasons why most movies today, but particularly Abrams movies, are getting worse. The only thing Cracked Guy forgot is terrible gimmicks like the Star Trek reboot’s lens flares.

Funny story about that. So I wrote a scathing review of Cloverfield, an early Abrams turdfest. Abrams murdered what could have been a tolerable American Kaiju knock-off with the overused gimmick of the shaky cam. That was 2008. I wondered then if Abrams would saddle the following year’s Star Trek reboot with a similar gimmick. Say it with me boys and girls: Lens Flares. Thank you, Mr. Talentless Derivative Hack.

And now, The Angry Cracked Guy and 5 Reasons Movies Keep Getting Worse:

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