Out in Philly: The Holiday Suits You

I’m walking home from Five Guys and turn up Walnut from 16th. Ahead I see a couple standing in front of Chipotle. The guy is tall, thin, in his 20s. The woman is shorter with long, straight, raven-black hair; she’s wearing a bomber jacket and a baseball cap.

What catches my eye is the man’s in a white suit with some kind of design on it. I’m curious. I’m just about to cross Sydenham. I realize the design is snowmen: No, it’s not a snowman suit. It’s a suit covered in cartoon snowmen.

He’s smiling, looking down into his companion’s face with a playful smile growing across his face. I’m not sure if they catch me looking, but the woman’s hand shoots over the man’s mouth. He wants to ask me something, and she definitely does not want him to ask me. I can’t resist. I stop, turn to face them, and motion “go ahead” with a smile.

The guy has an Eagles jersey under the blazer. He has a gruff voice. Maybe he’s from South Philly. There’s something quicksilver about him. People like this can go either way when faced with a surprise, and I sense surprise on one or both sides is imminent.

He asks me if I think the woman is attractive. I go with my (burger-filled) gut and say, “Yes, she is. But actually, I’m gay and I think you’re cute too.” He laughs, hugs me, and says I made his night. And he made mine.




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