Three Tales of Actual Suspense

I don’t usually dive into comments on political posts, but Joe.My.God readers, being family, can make it worth my while; today yielded a reference to one of my favorite under-rated movies from the 90s–the one that gave me an unnatural fear of running with scissors–Dead Again. If you’re trying to forget about the election this weekend and want to be kept on your edge of your seat in a good way, I suggest one of these recent classics with a few faces you might recognize:

Dead Again

Dead of Winter

A Simple Plan


Field With Dandelions: A Big Package with a Small Surprise

Shortly after returning from Arkansas, I discovered the building that used to be New Harmony restaurant had been painted over with a field of dandelions. Tonight, returning from my Five Guys Sunday ritual, I noticed a break in the coverage–a small circle of light that either I failed to notice before or had appeared since. Of course I crossed 16th Street and hoped to ferret out what was coming next through this peep hole.

What I found instead was a hologram of a field of dandelions. It turns out that the elaborate effort of clothing a building in greenscape was a lure to look upon an instant captured in three dimensions and to look into a building and see out upon field and sky. The presentation is as much art as the artifact itself.

Another thing I noticed were two cameras. Maybe these are just for security, or maybe the art is looking back at its admirers. Either way, Field of Dandelions is another reminder of why I choose to make my home here: Even a well-worn path in the city can reveal new mysteries and delights if you care enough to notice.

A Fallen Cathedral to Transportation Will Rise Again

I love taking the train to New York City, leaving Philadelphia from our grand train station at 30th Street, and I love being in New York City. But arriving via the rat warren beneath Madison Square Garden is underwhelming to say the least. That may finally change by the end of the decade.

All renderings by SOM, via Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Office
All renderings by SOM, via Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Office

Governor Cuomo has revived the plan to convert the post office next to Penn Station into a modern version of the once-grand building whose demise energized the preservation movement of Jane Jacobs. The schedule is aggressive and the budget is massive, $1.6 billion dollars. [ Governor Cuomo unveils plans for Penn Station’s massive revamp | ]

Penn Station Classic

Penn Station did not make you feel comfortable; it made you feel important. -- HILARY BALLON, ART HISTORIAN
Penn Station did not make you feel comfortable; it made you feel important.

The original Penn Station perished before I was born and had a remarkably short lifespan for such a grand edifice (1910-1963). I have a sense of what it was like from visiting Grand Central Station and 30th Street Station, but the Internet remembers for me, for all of us. [ The destruction of Penn Station | ]

The rabbits are coming, hooray hooray!

At first it’s so peaceful, so serene. Of course that won’t last. It’s Cyriak…

Seventy years before, another rabbit was rocking Elmer Fudd’s dream boat in “The Big Snooze” using an elementary math operation…

Here’s the full version so you can appreciate the lucid dreaming sadism of that scwewy wabbit: The Big Snooze on

qFLIX 2016 is underway!

Despite having barely a breather since returning from Arkansas, I’m be-badged and one movie into this year’s qFlix film festival. Given movies don’t repeat, no tweet reviews this year; that will all come at the end. However, I will tweet out my day’s picks in case you are or want to be in the vicinity.

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