The rabbits are coming, hooray hooray!

At first it’s so peaceful, so serene. Of course that won’t last. It’s Cyriak…

Seventy years before, another rabbit was rocking Elmer Fudd’s dream boat in “The Big Snooze” using an elementary math operation…

Here’s the full version so you can appreciate the lucid dreaming sadism of that scwewy wabbit: The Big Snooze on

qFLIX 2016 is underway!

Despite having barely a breather since returning from Arkansas, I’m be-badged and one movie into this year’s qFlix film festival. Given movies don’t repeat, no tweet reviews this year; that will all come at the end. However, I will tweet out my day’s picks in case you are or want to be in the vicinity.

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Effort begins to keep Philly residents in town for DNC

Mayor Kenney is worried that Philadelphia residents will flee the city during next month’s Democratic National Convention. Frankly, a Godzilla attack couldn’t get me to leave the city after three months in Little Rock.

If cheesesteaks aren’t your thing, there are several Subways that might have something you like.

I didn’t flee when the Pope came to town. An upside of a visit from an old man in a silly hat and a dress who talks to an imaginary friend in sky was a Center City without cars. Pedestrians, bicyclists, and handicapped people enjoyed spreading out and owning the streets. Oh, and by the way…

Fuck the Pope for sticking Philly residents with the bill, for hosting the anti-gay World Meeting of Families, and for sounding diversity-minded but maintaining all the hateful policies that make the church a scourge on a modern society.

That said, bring on the events and discounts and protests and inevitable drama of the convention itself. I think everybody’s going to need a drink after Hillary and Bernie have it out on the convention floor…

City officials are launching an effort to keep residents from fleeing Philadelphia during the Democratic National Convention next month.

Source: Effort begins to keep Philly residents in town for DNC

‘Because I love hating people’ and other contradictions to live by

Oh, Internet, you make it so easy for me to express my inner self through links and haiku-length compositions. That realization about myself yesterday made me think today about the collection of contradictions and impulses curated in my brain.

This early sketch from the Tracy Ulman Show is one of my favorites. I can identify with Kavner’s anxious enthusiasm while reciting her escalating litany of phobias. It may also explain one of the reasons I so rarely use public toilets.

After a year of more-or-less Vulcan stoicism, it got me to thinking about those fundamental, illogical, contradictory impulses that are so enjoyable, like putting on my Team Pessimist or Mister Worst Case Scenario hat.  The pleasure comes from two things: First is the creative, intellectual pleasure of generating all the possible pitfalls and booby-traps and for-the-worst plot turns. Second, getting to the wildly improbable worst cases makes the probable mundane ones more tolerable.

Aside from actually not liking overly-sunny days (at best they make me sleepy), the near-perfect first Garbage album gave me a theme song for that impulse to laugh out loud when the wind drives rain (and hopefully soon snow) in my face. That first moment of discomfort gives way to something comical about the magnificence of the elements unleashed versus my peevishness about them. No use spitting in the wind about it, so why not just laugh?

I can’t mention Garbage without thinking–and in this case linking–to my all-time favorite Garbage song. It’s touches on my primal need to “embrace the strange” at the intersection of IDIC and NIN. And my wildly-associative brain loves the meme-mashing and old movie references. And Shirley Manson as singer or T-1001 terminator is simply magnificent.

Put another way, OKCupid asks, “Would you rather something good or something interesting happen?” For me, it’s 100% about Interesting. What’s usually interesting? Strange is.

Finally, in honor of Roy Batty’s incept date a few days ago, there is his absolute glee at Deckard thrashing him with a lead pipe and his wry comment after: “That was irrational of you… not to mention unsportsmanlike.” The unarmed Deckard is no longer a real threat to Batty–both of them know it–but it touches on a shared feeling that will later lead to unexpected mercy.  If I ever say “That’s the spirit!” to you, that’s what’s playing in my head, probably along with a sense of “NOW you’re getting it!”

Here’s to a rainy, interesting, strange, spirited 2016!

Earworms And The Dangers Of Being Only Human

I was having brunch with a friend last weekend, and somewhere in the background that day I heard “Mirror Man” by Human League. It’s not my favorite Human League song (although it is in my library), but it promptly got stuck in my head. This earworm lasted about five days, and it even kept me up one night. I am not exactly sure when or how it ended, and I’m afraid to think too much about it for fear of it recurring. The odd thing is, I can’t even remember the exact snippet now, a handful of days later.

Research points to earworms being a result of some kind of interruption of the task completion mechanism our brains use to manage working memory. I happened upon this video which does a nice job with the subject:

I’d been working mostly on legal documents at the time, and my sneaking suspicion is that it ended when I got back around to coding. I’ve tried things like looking up the lyrics and playing the song on repeat for as long as it takes, which makes sense given some of the ideas in the video, but it didn’t work this time. My hypothesis is that the song got linked to some other task, perhaps the coding task that was on my mind; the earworm was more a parasite of the task on my mind than my mind itself, and it didn’t die until the host task was completed. Given the vicious nature of my last earworm, I am looking forward to putting some of remedies suggested in the video to the test next time.

Sometimes, I hate my brain.

At your own risk …