If you don’t have anything nice to say …

 … come sit next to Barney Frank.

The latest controversy from the–and I use this word so affectionately–cantankerous lame-duck Congressman erupted when he claimed Log Cabin Republicans are aptly named because their role model is Uncle Tom.  I don’t disagree.

Wrong finger?

 Frank has doubled down in his response to the resulting controversy [Barney Frank Won’t Walk Back ‘Very Harsh’ Language On Gay Republicans | TPM2012] .  I hope Representative Frank does not go quietly into his married/retired happily-ever-after.  We have need of such cantankerousness.

QFest 2012 has begun!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year again–or maybe most fabulous would be more accurate.  I haven’t had any time to prepare this year due to spending the last three months in project Hell, so watch my Twitter feed to see the movies I plan to see and my seen-it pick as well as my tweet-reviews.  Here are some links to follow:

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A few quick notes, fest and otherwise:

  • I did see Prometheus a few weeks back and was extremely disappointed. 2/5.  I will rant about it sometime soon, I’m sure.
  • The festival trailer this year is good.  It’s not animated-sketchpad-hotness good like that one year, but there are no Fallopian Tubes or people spinning in place to throbbing music.
  • TD Bank, a new festival sponsor showed a great “It Gets Better” short film that their employees created–including the CEO–called “Make It Better” and addressing the issue by urging us all to get out there and be allies.  I’m not a huge fan of banks (credit unions for me), but I have to give them credit for being so visible at the top management level on this issue.

I’ll drink to that!

Yards Brawler
My favorite session beer at the moment. Maybe somebody will unseat it this Beer Week?

I swore an oath to take no drink until a certain milestone was met.  That milestone was met last week, and this week I intend to enjoy given the start of one of my two favorite events in Philadelphia.  Here’s a handful of things I’ll be raising glasses to this weekend:

I went back to work in April; it’s a three-month project with an impossible deadline.  My weeks are almost entirely dedicated to work, and some days have been “wake up, start working, go to bed” with some room for the hygienic and the biological. Honestly, I’ve never worked so hard in my life.

I’m writing code.  Working itself is wonderful because of the getting paid part, but my primary function is writing code.  I love doing the senior stuff, the design and architecture, but there’s a pleasure I get from coding like nothing else.  It’s a creative, dramatic process that lets me feel accomplishment and have a final, (somewhat) tangible result to my labor.  It’s the agony of a failed compile and the ecstasy of a running program!

Yesterday was the start of Philly Beer Week.  Because of the job, this will be a low participation year.  It was touch and go because of the oath, but when official word came down last Friday, I immediately opened a Yards Brawler I’d had on hand for that special moment.

My friends Wayne and Sonia got married last week.

Prometheus next week.  *Squeal!*

There’s less of me now than at the beginning of the year thanks to some dietary changes and increased activity.  The turbo-boost has been me walking more to burn off some of the tension that work’s generating.

I’ve gotten to Isengard in my latest reading of The Lord of the Rings and to Moria in Lord of the Rings Online.  The “Snow White and the Huntsman Dubbed” on The Morning After included a Gollum impersonation that had my cry out in gleeful geeky shock, fall off my chair, and replay it several times.

Prometheus — It’s Inevitable

I can’t remember the last time I couldn’t wait for a movie to come out.  However.  Ridley Scott’s return to the darkly believable future with Prometheus has me barely able to contain myself.  Until June 8th? Seventy-four more days? REALLY? Ugh.

I am starved for hard-core science fiction, and the latest trailer is pushing all my Alien and Bladerunner buttons. It looks like the trailer’s showing the whole story, from discovering the map to crashing the Space Jockey ship to protect Earth.  I have a feeling–hope really–that all of that is just the first act.  Ridley Scott is one of the few people in film I’ll give the benefit of the doubt on making something so ambitious and dense. My only reservation is that it’s been infected with that plague on modern cinema, 3D. Blech. I don’t go to 3D movies. Ever. But, I’d make an exception for Prometheus if there are no quality 2D showings.

Rachel Maddow Goes Nuclear

Last night’s Rachel Maddow show focused exclusively on the breaking story that the U.S. relieved Mexico of all of its highly-enriched uranium.  This is one of those good things going on quietly in the background: our government is securing thousands of pounds of radiological materials, toxic and weaponizable.  When the Radical Right calls for disbanding the Department of Energy, this is one of the things that wouldn’t be happening.  Here’s her opening segment:


This isn’t the kind of traditional fodder that drives the news cycle; it’s real news and it’s really geeky.  That’s part of what makes Maddow show watchable to me; she’s smart and interested and doesn’t talk down to her audience.  She also has a sense of fairness unusual for pundits on either side as demonstrated during her marathon interview with Republican Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe.  I have to wonder: Is there is a Right-wing equivalent to Rachel Maddow?

My Philadelphia Film Festival 20 Schedule

Philadelphia Film Festival 20Somehow the 20th annual Philadelphia Film Festival snuck up on me despite plenty of email from filmadelphia.org and even the physical guide being stuffed into my mailbox. However, I’m done with the spreadsheets.  You can find my schedule and reviews here:

For people on Twitter, there are a few more ways to follow me and the festival:

Don Lemon is in Anchorman Hell. @donlemoncnn

Don Lemon is a CNN anchor: He’s out, looks half his age, and tries to be a real newsman on a America’s Most Trusted Source of Infotainment. This segment from last night’s The Daily Show has some great clips of him responding to the carnival antics of the rest of CNN’s “news” staff:

I have to wonder what happens when the cameras are off. Do the other reporters take their “work” seriously, or do they secretly agree but do what they must to get a paycheck. I picture it like the Siouxsie and the Banshees song Peek-a-boo, about an adult dancer and her seething contempt for the audience she’s forced to titillate.

I also have to wonder if Lemon’s actions and Stewart’s spotlight will lead to change, either Lemon moving on to a more serious but less visible news stream or CNN acting with a little more decorum.

He tweets at @donlemoncnn, and his book, Transparent, is on my so-neglected reading list.