Wazzup – 8 Years Later

Memes, like bell-bottoms and bangs, are cyclical.  60Frames revived the Wazzup Meme with the original cast and a political message:

“Superfriends True” is my favorite parody:

Here’s the original Ad: 

Other Wazzup variations on youtube:  The Simpsons, Teletubbies, Wasabi, Pizza Guy

Star Wars: KotOR MMO confirmed! – VideoGamer.com

Stay alert. Trust nobody. Keep your blaster handy.

Let the squealing like giddy school girls commence: My favorite single-player RPG is becoming an MMO.

Star Wars: KotOR MMO confirmed! – VideoGamer.com

Can BioWare bring their brand of storytelling and character development to an MMO without falling prey to pitfalls like farming and grinding?  Their last single-player offering [Mass Effect] fell short of the truly cinematic peak that was Knights of the Old Republic (KotOR), but that may have been more about the console market than BioWare losing its groove.

With Star Wars Galaxies effectively dead and buried, this may be the reboot that the franchise needs; hopefully LucasArts learned that slapping a Star Wars logo on something doesn’t make it a slam dunk. However, Star Wars: The Old Republic isn’t our only hope for a non-fantasy MMO that rocks. There is another.

UPDATE: Here are two articles on shacknews that go into greater detail.  The obsessive story work, companion idea, and “no bunnies” all bode well.  Thanks, Google News.

BioWare’s Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO Revealed – Shacknews

Star Wars MMO Lead Writer Talks Story Details – Shacknews

Apple Store Park City, Lancaster PA – The Unofficial Apple Weblog TUAW

Apple Store Park City, Lancaster PA: Photos from opening day – The Unofficial Apple Weblog TUAW

I have fond memories of my family driving down to the Park City mall in Lancaster, PA.  The games store there sold me my first copy of Star Fleet Battles.  However, they get an Apple Store and there still isn’t one in Center City Philadelphia? Oh, come on!  This so totally sucks!



Like San Francisco, New York City, Delaware, Ireland, and (shockingly) France, it will be possible later this week to enjoy a meal or a drink without the public nuisance of second hand smoke anywhere in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  I expected the ever-contentious state legislature to pull the rug out from under this law by now, but the clock’s running down and businesses are already working on compliance.

K. and I would sometimes meet in the burbs for food or drink before a movie.  Inevitably somebody would light up, and we’d regret ever deciding to dine outside the city limits.  After the 11th, the only problem with dining in the burbs will be the poor selection of mostly-chain restaurants.

Welcome to the 21st century, Pennsylvania.

“Aliens in America” (2007) R.I.P.

Aliens in American (2007) R.I.P.


“Aliens in America” (2007) – IMDB

Researching online sources for my favorite television shows, I was saddened to discover CW cancelled this show back in May. It was a funny, thoughtful, relevant show that never got its laughs by dehumanizing its characters, very much in the kinder-gentler satire vein of Saved! That wasn’t enough to save it from the axe.

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Bill Moyers Journal – Bill Moyers interviews Andrew J. Bacevich

Retired U.S. Army Colonel Andrew Bacevich examines the political and policy wasteland that the United States has become on Bill Moyers Journal.  It’s a strategic look at how Imperial Presidency and the collapse of the Empire of Production got us into a mess with no easy egress.  He ranges too far and wide to summarize in a few sentences, so visit pbs.org to browse the summary and see the video:

Bill Moyers Journal – Bill Moyers interviews Andrew J. Bacevich

Fire Extinguisher or Grenade Launcher?

Fire Extinguisher or Grenade Launcher? — MUST HAVE!  Can I get one that shoots a mix of rounds, some to start fires and some to put them out?  I love the design–a thing of beauty except for the hospital white.  It should come in a nice gunmetal or jet black finish.  I love the range control too, but how about gyro-stabilizers and a laser rangefinder?