Don Lemon is in Anchorman Hell. @donlemoncnn

Don Lemon is a CNN anchor: He’s out, looks half his age, and tries to be a real newsman on a America’s Most Trusted Source of Infotainment. This segment from last night’s The Daily Show has some great clips of him responding to the carnival antics of the rest of CNN’s “news” staff:

I have to wonder what happens when the cameras are off. Do the other reporters take their “work” seriously, or do they secretly agree but do what they must to get a paycheck. I picture it like the Siouxsie and the Banshees song Peek-a-boo, about an adult dancer and her seething contempt for the audience she’s forced to titillate.

I also have to wonder if Lemon’s actions and Stewart’s spotlight will lead to change, either Lemon moving on to a more serious but less visible news stream or CNN acting with a little more decorum.

He tweets at @donlemoncnn, and his book, Transparent, is on my so-neglected reading list.

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