Rachel Maddow Goes Nuclear

Last night’s Rachel Maddow show focused exclusively on the breaking story that the U.S. relieved Mexico of all of its highly-enriched uranium.  This is one of those good things going on quietly in the background: our government is securing thousands of pounds of radiological materials, toxic and weaponizable.  When the Radical Right calls for disbanding the Department of Energy, this is one of the things that wouldn’t be happening.  Here’s her opening segment:


This isn’t the kind of traditional fodder that drives the news cycle; it’s real news and it’s really geeky.  That’s part of what makes Maddow show watchable to me; she’s smart and interested and doesn’t talk down to her audience.  She also has a sense of fairness unusual for pundits on either side as demonstrated during her marathon interview with Republican Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe.  I have to wonder: Is there is a Right-wing equivalent to Rachel Maddow?

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